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Shopping for Comfortable Shoes This Season

With every change of season also comes an undeniable urge to give your closet a bit of a refresh. If you’re in the market for stylish new shoes this fall, it’s important not to overlook comfort because—let’s face it—there’s nothing worse than a pair that looks great but wreaks havoc on your feet. Below, the most important qualities to look for when searching for shoes that deliver both comfort and style points.

1. Shock Absorbance

You may think of sneakers when you hear the term “shock absorbent,” but stylish, non-athletic shoes with insoles that reduce the stress of walking do exist, like these flats from Taryn Rose.

2. Elastic Backs

If you’re shopping for a new pair of pumps or ballet flats, try ones with an elasticized back. This added feature allows shoes to stretch and mold to the shape of your feet.

3. Built-In Inserts

The bottoms of our feet take a ton of abuse, so it’s important to cut them some slack when we can. You can always buy supportive inserts for your shoes, but shoes that have them built into the design, like these Taryn Rose slides, will save you both time and money.

4. Block Heels

You can never go wrong with a thick block-shaped heel structure. The additional surface area provides more stability and comfort than thinner heels.

5. Roomy, Rounded Toes

When it comes to comfort, shoes with a rounded toe, like these Taryn Rose pumps, are guaranteed to give your toes more wiggle room and prevent cramping.

6. Platform Soles

A pair of high heels with a platform sole will help balance out the height difference between your foot and your heel, which takes some pressure off the ball of your foot. Bonus: A shoe with a padded platform also works as a shock absorber— a win-win all around.

7. Stretch

If you’re planning to add a pair of tall boots to your cart this season, make sure the material features some stretch so they’re not too tight on your calves, like this pair from Taryn Rose. Too-tight boots can pinch, cause blisters and can negatively impact circulation. (Not so chic!)

8. Adjustable Ankle Straps

Avoid pesky ankle straps that cut into your skin and cause pain by ensuring that, when you make a strappy shoe purchase, there’s an adjustable ankle strap to perfectly fit the size of your ankles.


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This New Wipe Is Safe Enough To Clean Your Kitchen Counters and Your Face

Prepare yourself: a life-changing cleaning wipe just hit the market, and it’s so safe that you can clean your face with it. The wipes are made by a new brand backed by experts called Ode to Clean, and your tidying up routine is never going to be the same.

The company that makes this genius consumer product, Solugen, was founded in 2016 by CEO Gaurab Chakrabarti, MD, PhD, and CTO Sean Hunt PhD. Dr. Chakrabarti discovered a special enzyme that produced hydrogen peroxide during training at the University of Texas Southwestern. Meanwhile, Dr. Hunt was completing his PhD at MIT, so the two teamed up, and that’s how Solugen was born.

The star ingredient in the wipes is called Bioperoxide, which is made from plant starch. It’s a compound of hydrogen peroxide (which is a non-toxic, powerful cleaning property found in our very own bodies) and gluconic acid, which is found in honey.

Basically, when you use the wipe on any surface (the bathroom counter, your face, kids’ hands), the hydrogen peroxide transforms into its basic components: water and oxygen, so you’re getting the safest clean possible.

They are odorless, so there’s no need to turn on the bathroom fan to air out any harsh chemical smells coming from your wipes anymore. Plus, they’re biodegradable and safe enough to use on babies.

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