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Know someone who has difficulty reading small print in restaurants? Want a fun way to figure out tip and split the bill?

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Solution for People Who have Problems Reading the Menu or Bill in Dark Restaurants

Reading under poor lighting conditions is a common problem not only for reading menus, but also for reading in bed, or seeing small type in a poorly lit space.

It isn’t meant as a challenge — the waiter wants to be liked. But to diners of a certain age, the server’s question sounds like a taunt.

“Would you like to see a menu?”

Uh, yes, I’d love to! Except that it’s so dark in here that unless I turn on my headlamp, all that text about your locally sourced, organic, hand-pickled, house-crafted offerings will remain a mystery to me.

I’ll be reduced to ordering whatever my companion does — assuming he or she can see….

We get it: Restaurants need ambience. Like movie theaters and sports stadiums. However, The population is aging, and growing increasingly cranky about menu blindness.


A handheld lighted magnifier and tip calculator! Tip ‘n Split is a device easily fits into your pocket or purse. Most importantly it helps individuals read the restaurant menu and bill, calculate tips, and split for each member of a group. It’s intuitive and super easy to use. It includes a lighted display, magnifier, and backlight and is smaller than most pocket-sized calculators. Did we mention, It’s also super light!

Tip ‘n Split is a perfect solution for people who have difficulty reading small print, especially in dimly lit restaurants. It’s also great for groups who want to split a bill.

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Dimly lit restaurants are no longer a problem.

  • Pocket-sized device with magnifier and LED to read the menu and the bill without glasses
  • It also has an inbuilt calculator to calculate the Tip and Split it to find out exactly what each person should pay.
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